Download Seal Apk v1.11.0 Latest Version

Seal APK enables users to download videos and audio from websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and all other websites and platforms supported by yt-dlp.

What’s Changed in v1.11.0?



  • Convert subtitles to another format
  • Select subtitle language in format selection

Format selection

  • Display icons(video/audio) on FormatItems
  • Split video by chapters
  • Select subtitle to download by language names/codes

Custom commands

  • Create custom command tasks in the Running Tasks page
  • Configure download directory separately for custom command tasks
  • Select multiple command templates to export & remove


  • Add CookiesQuickSettingsDialog for refreshing & configuring cookies in configuration menu
  • Add user agent header when downloading with cookies enabled

Other New Features & UI Improvements

  • Show PlainToolTip when long-press on PlaylistItem
  • Add monochrome theme
  • Add proxy configuration for network connections
  • Add translations in Swedish and Portuguese


  • App crashes when being opened in the system share sheet
  • Video not shown in YouTube playlist results
  • Cookies cannot be disabled after clearing cookies
  • Hide video only formats when save as audio enabled
  • Parsing error with decimal value in width/height
  • Audio codec preference not works as expected
  • Could not fetch video info when originalUrl is null


Notable Changes

  • Upgrade target API level to 34 (Android 14)
  • Preferred video format changed to two options: Legacy and Quality
  • UI improvements to the configuration dialog

Other Changes

  • Update ColorSchemes and components to reflect the new MD3 color roles
  • Update youtubedl-android version, added pycryptodomex to the library
  • Move Video formats to the bottom of the FormatPage
  • Notifications now are enabled by default
  • Minor UI improvements & changes